Caryn Crawford

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Caryn has held a paintbrush in her hand for as many seasons as she can remember! Her earliest memories began in her home town of New Orleans. “I was always enthralled and inspired with the color and vibrancy of the city, its French Quarter street painters, and fabulous art and antique galleries near Magazine Street. Her mother always remembers her opting for every art class she could while in school and pursuing decorative painting on any object she could find worthy!

A career in finance followed after college, and it wasn’t until her children began school that she had time to return to her passion for art through interior design and decorative painting in Atlanta. More recently, she has been focused on capturing the beauty around her on canvas. Caryn is primarily a self taught artist yet realizes that any of her giftedness comes from above. She challenges herself everyday beyond comfort borders with new techniques. However, she believes it is such a privilege to train under some great fine artists of the south to sharpen her skills. Today, she considers herself an abstract artist who uses a variety of tools to establish depth and dynamic fluctuations between tone, color, and texture. Her favorite part of the job is working with a client in their space to decide and visualize sizing, concept, and color schemes.

Caryn’s art has been on exhibit at Round Top, Marburger Farms (Texas), Wesleyan Artist Market (Norcross, Georgia), and the Highlands Country Club (Highlands, North Carolina). It is also represented in other galleries across the south (Amelia Island, Florida; Mountain brook, Alabama; and Mandeville, Louisiana. Most recently, she has been privileged to have her art displayed at Buckhead Art and Company in Atlanta.