Jennifer Ferris

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Jennifer Drummond Ferris is a mixed media artist, creating vibrant paintings using a mixture of collage, acrylics, gouache, inks, graphite, pastels & charcoal.  Her contemporary style combines elements of realism with abstraction.  She is a self-taught artist, from a family of talented artists, including her mom, brother, and grandmother.

For many years, Jennifer painted on her own without any formal instruction in an effort to develop her own style without too much outside influence, and then in the last decade, once she had developed her own “voice”, she started to study with a variety of talented instructors to further hone her skills.  Some of her instructors include Gary Bodner, Liz Barber, Kevin Beilfuss, and Maggie Siner.

Jennifer has shown in a number of prestigious juried shows, including Trinity’s Spotlight on Art for the past eight years, and has been written up by a number of publications, including the October/November 2014 cover of Peachy the Magazine.  Jennifer lives and paints in Alpharetta, GA with her two boys, husband, and dog.