Laura Beers

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Born in  Washington d.c., my family moved to the south when I was still young.

Though I studied art off and on throughout my life, I would be considered a self-taught artist.  The best teacher for me was the various materials,  coupled with wanting to express myself.  For more than twenty years I have experimented and used various mediums and supports, many of which have been reclaimed, reused and repurposed. Throughout the years of experimentation, my paintings have slowly become refined to a simple focus on  form and unity.

Each new project often consists of multiple works, usually in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes. My materials and mediums have consisted of found objects, found paints, found supports, acrylics, oils, oil pastels, pastels, graphite, pencils, metallic leafs and the use of epoxies.  During production of a piece, new areas of interest usually arise and lead to a new body of work.

Since 1993, I’ve shown at galleries throughout the Southeast as well as  NYC. My paintings have been purchased anywhere from  Seattle to London.