Mary Jane Heugel

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Mary Jane pours her passion for beauty into her peaceful and colorful creations.   She spent her childhood exploring the beautiful mountain scenery of Eastern Kentucky.  Her paintings reflect her vivid memories and impressions of how the light danced through the leaves in the trees. She was captivated by the intensity of the golds and greens that decorated the hills and hollows around her rugged homeland. This electrifying terrain, with such warm and vibrant colors, became the inspiration for her artistic expressions.

Mary Jane received her education from Darlington School and Florida State University where she received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Housing and Interior Design.  For the last 16 years, she has taken classes at the renowned Scottsdale Artists School to study with some of the very best artists and teachers in the United States and Russia. Each teacher has taught her invaluable principles in art.  She can hear their voices speak to her everyday as she paints!  She now teaches art classes to other students and instills what has so graciously already been given to her.

In addition, she continues her appreciation for the arts traveling throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico.  Responding to the beauty around her, she paints the impressions of what she sees and sometimes feels.  The energy and excitement leads the viewer to discover and feel their own emotional connection.  They may be drawn to either the divine beauty found in nature or to her impression of the beauty found in ordinary objects.

Mary Jane believes her painting talent is a gift from God that she has continued to pursue.