Penny Treese

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With encaustic, Penny Treese discovered an unrestricted way of painting that has led her far beyond her training (BS degree in Graphic Design, cum laude with honors) and experience in graphic design and traditional instruction in the arts. While on vacation in Florida, she saw the works of an encaustic artist and was taken with the “vibrant colors, translucency in layering and sensual textures” of the medium.  She was, at the same time, exploring how to paint freely and tap into an inner source to paint intuitively.   As a result, she left her career as an art director in marketing to follow the path in fine art that opened up to her.

Since, what she terms her “revelations,” she has realized a long-held dream to be a fine artist even as she balances the demands of her life as a wife and mother of three children. She is currently is member of and teaches encaustic classes within nationally known artist Michael David’s Atelier program, Fine Arts Workshop & Atelier. This specialized “school” essentially provides a graduate and postgraduate level of instruction and support through a personalized curriculum designed “to help develop a clear artistic vision through the struggle and immersion in the practice of being an artist.” In addition, she has attended national conferences of encaustic painting led by prominent artists working in the medium.